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Mohawk Specialty Services is a business that intends to bring indigenous communities and mechanical companies together to perform specialty services and contract management with clients throughout Canada.  The type of energy projects that Mohawk works on can be in any Province or Territory therefore Mohawk works diligently to involve all communities that are on, or close to the projects we are working on. 

"Treating employees and our clients with respect will always equal success" 

Tank cleaning services


  • Contract Management
  • Torque and Tension Joint Integrity 
  • Field Machining
  • Hydro-test and Isolation 
  • Pipe Cutting up 102"
  • Composite Wrap repair  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGlbUzg-SMA 
  • L-DAR Auditing 
  • Blind Rentals
  • Specialized large tank cleaning. - Degas & De-bulk 
  • Cold Tapping


Mohawk Specialty Services upholds two of the most important aspects of working in the energy industry


open and honest communication for reporting onsite safety concerns is what keeps everyone safe everyday!

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